How does it work?

Medicinal Cannabis is an unregistered medicine and requires approval from the federal and state government. Cannabis Access Clinics streamlines the access process in a straightforward 4-step process. Not all patients will be eligible for Cannabis Access Clinics, and suitability will be determined by our medical team at each step in the process.

In order to be eligible for Cannabis Access Clinics, you must be an Australian resident and have been diagnosed with a condition for which conventional treatments have failed.  You also need to have a letter of support from your GP or specialist.

Doctor Referral Form

Intake & Consent Form
Application Review
Our team will review your  documentation for completeness and if necessary book an appointment for you to our doctors
We will arrange for you to see our doctor for a face-to-face, or telelhealth consultation and a decision will be made to apply for approval
Approval, Order and Dispense
If our doctor determines that medicinal cannabis is a suitable treatment for you, an application will be made to the regulatory authorities and if approved,  your prescription can be dispensed from a pharmacy